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049Boston, The (Almost) Unreachable City

Have you ever tried driving through Boston, Massachusetts, all of the twists, turns, underground tunnels, to get to the North End, just to realize you took the “supposed” left your GPS convinced you to take and are actually on your way out of the city? Yep. Before we set foot in Boston it turned out… Continue reading


283215_252615638084545_54653_nMay I Cape May

When I think of old school boardwalks, a warm breeze on a sunny day, or a flock of a thousand seagulls, Cape May always comes to mind. Besides enjoying the huge beach there is actually a lot to do if you know where to look! Gretel and I have come up with a scavenger hunt … Continue reading


27042855_10209659281753749_1093294016_nNotorious New York City

Welcome to one of the most unique cities in the world with tall skyscrapers, Spiderman and Elmo wanting to take a picture with you, and at least ten people asking if you would like a bus tour on every block. NYC in New York is definitely a stop for those who are coming from abroad… Continue reading


28511867_10209897256582971_2064994057_nWalking In Watkins Glen & Corning

I can’t tell you how many times Gretel had to correct me since I kept calling the town “Walkings Glen” in the state of New York. We have both been to the town before (wine tasting and Farm Sanctuary) but now we decided to do something a little different. We both wanted to explore the… Continue reading


RockOh Ohio! A Weekend in Cleveland

Have you been trying to get your band up and running but are still trying to make your mark in history as one of the greatest? Yes? No? Regardless, you should visit Cleveland, Ohio, to check out some of your favorite rock & roll legends. As someone who grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania I get … Continue reading


29062983_10214474451246880_8747574494652006400_nA New Hope

Whenever Gretel and I feel the need to visit quirky shops we always seem to end up in New Hope Pennsylvania. As we stepped out of the car and walked into the town the first thing we say was a woman who was dressed in a white garb preaching about the Rapture as she spit… Continue reading

296565_495900143756092_1182275488_n-e1512436737100.jpgJim Thorpe, A Town In The Mountains

He was not just a person, in fact there is a whole town named after him in Pennsylvania! When a lot of people say they cannot travel money is a big factor, however, there are many cool small towns that are around that may even be an hour drive away! Jim Thorpe is one of … Continue reading

29511232_10210056801771501_8480969987505258496_nLong Walks In Longwood Gardens

Since Longwood Gardens (located in Pennsylvania) has always been relativity close to Kyle he has gone since he was a kid. It is a large park that is open year round and has many sights to see, including a flower conservatory with many different biomes, a stone tower, an Italian water garden, ponds, and much… Continue reading


19030512_10208192726090774_271099903041597255_nU will love Utah

Have you ever asked yourself where you can see Mormons wandering the street, hitchhikers trying to bump a ride, or where traffic is stopped so someone can herd Bison on an ATV? Well my friend then Utah is the place for you! Utah slowly crept to one of our top favorite states for possibly one … Continue reading



IMG_20171228_162037A Colonial Christmas

Although I forgot my powdered wig and my three-pointed hat I still made my way over to Williamsburg, Virginia. Gretel was invited on the adventure but unfortunately she could not take off from work. I went with my mother and younger brother and have been here a few years ago but never when the temperature … Continue reading