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The Fearless Quinta

Some of us are afraid. No, I am not talking about snakes, spiders, or bees, I am talking about showing our true selves publicly. I do not mean public nudity! I don't want to hear "Well Kyle told me to expose myself." You were at a park, you knew better. Some hide ourselves away fearing… Continue reading The Fearless Quinta

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3 Castles, 2 Explorers, 1 Sintra

Hop on a quick train from Lisbon, and in 40ish minutes, you'll find yourself in the middle of a town called Sintra. Although the train station may be deceiving and it seems like you're just being dropped off in the middle of a cute town, if you just look up, you can see the castles… Continue reading 3 Castles, 2 Explorers, 1 Sintra