A Festival Of China (In America)

Besides going to different towns and countries sometimes exploring can be right around the corner, if Philadelphia, Pennsylvania happens to be close.  When we found out that there was going to be the Chinese Lantern Festival in Philly we couldn't pass it up! Being fair I thought it was the LanternFest where you are able… Continue reading A Festival Of China (In America)


Long Walks In Longwood Gardens

Since Longwood Gardens (located in Pennsylvania) has always been relativity close to Kyle he has gone since he was a kid. It is a large park that is open year round and has many sights to see, including a flower conservatory with many different biomes, a stone tower, an Italian water garden, ponds, and much… Continue reading Long Walks In Longwood Gardens

The States

Jim Thorpe, A Town In The Mountains

He was not just a person, in fact there is a whole town named after him in Pennsylvania! When a lot of people say they cannot travel money is a big factor, however, there are many cool small towns that are around that may even be an hour drive away! Jim Thorpe is one of… Continue reading Jim Thorpe, A Town In The Mountains