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Gretel’s Grotto

Also known officially as the Hamilton Pool Preserve, this was added to our list as one of the coolest nature adventures we have ever been on. This Texan secret took us all the way 45 minutes outside of Austin, Texas on Memorial Day. Luckily you need reservations to access the pool preserve, otherwise we would… Continue reading Gretel’s Grotto

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The Fearless Quinta

Some of us are afraid. No, I am not talking about snakes, spiders, or bees, I am talking about showing our true selves publicly. I do not mean public nudity! I don't want to hear "Well Kyle told me to expose myself." You were at a park, you knew better. Some hide ourselves away fearing… Continue reading The Fearless Quinta

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Escape To Pena

Stories have always stimulated the human mind for thousands of years going back to when they originated as oral tradition. We have books, movies, heroes, villains, liars, and social media that spread to tell the latest happenings whether fact or fiction. We dream of magical places to take us away from reality. Gretel and I… Continue reading Escape To Pena

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The Broken Explorer

I got my first taste of traveling when I was 18 years old, getting the opportunity to go to Italy, Monaco, France and Spain the summer after high school. However, my adventures were far from over. That winter on break from college I hopped on a plane for the first time by myself to visit… Continue reading The Broken Explorer

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3 Castles, 2 Explorers, 1 Sintra

Hop on a quick train from Lisbon, and in 40ish minutes, you'll find yourself in the middle of a town called Sintra. Although the train station may be deceiving and it seems like you're just being dropped off in the middle of a cute town, if you just look up, you can see the castles… Continue reading 3 Castles, 2 Explorers, 1 Sintra