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DSCN1195Brussels For Beginners

If you have always wanted to visit a city that gives off that “Old European Feel” then you should make your way over to Brussels, Belgium! Also, if you happen to speak French, German, or Dutch then you are in luck as they are Belgium’s official languages! Unfortunately, I do not, but English and some… Continue reading


IMG_0048Not-So-Chilly in Chile

For those of you who don’t know, Kyle and I met at Arcadia University, where were we both graduated with a major in Sociology! We both share an interest for understanding society and people, so inherently, with an interest in people, we have longing to know more about different groups of people, places, and customs. … Continue reading


DSCN1092Longing For London

London, England, was another one of those places where I only got to explore for a short amount of time, but I am glad that I went! London I felt was the city of exploration. Throughout the city I never ran out of things to see ,whether they were unique buildings or staples of English… Continue reading


DSCN0159Frolicking Through France

When I was 18 and graduated high school I wanted to take a trip somewhere in Europe, so when the opportunity came I saved up enough money to take a bus trip across the Mediterranean. This trip was my first experience out of the country and traveling without my family. Even though I was with… Continue reading


23622050_10209282182006491_565292894496651971_nΚαλημέρα Athens! 

Don’t worry, it’s all Greek to me as well, but if you would like to pronounce how to say good morning try saying Kalimera, (Ka-lee-ME-ra)! Learning a few Greek words can change your experience in a unique way. When we said hello, good morning, or especially thank you, we saw heads turn towards us with beaming … Continue reading


DSCN1043Arklow, Ireland; Street Art

While roaming around Ireland I came across a town by the name of Arklow where I decided to have a look around. After my curiosity was claimed by the town it was started anew when I decided to take a walk on the Kynoch Heritage trail, coming up to a blacktop and a building that … Continue reading

DSCN0929Convivial Kilkenny

One of my favorite things to do in towns besides exploring is trying to find the local treasures that the town has to offer. In Kilkenny, Ireland, I was not disappointed.  One of the first things I noticed when walking through the streets was that there was a giant castle looming over the town. I… Continue reading

DSCN0726The Dublin Rover

In the land that is grand I did a lot of walking around the city of Dublin, Ireland between classes and on weekends when I studied abroad. There was definitely a lot to see and before you start to plan your trip I wanted to show you some places where you should stop by to … Continue reading

DSCN1663Irresistible Ireland

Welcome to the home of lush green fields, medieval castles, and a lot of painted sheep! Unfortunately, Gretel was not with me on this trip but I was able to study in Ireland for a few months! I hear you are saying to yourself “since I am part Irish I want to visit my old… Continue reading


Tel Aviv I Said Hi23795501_10209315463078497_1218503047221550229_n

Religious or not taking a vacation to the Holy Land was one of the coolest places we have ever been. In Tel Aviv, Israel we discovered some very friendly people, awesome places to explore, and delicious food. A beach paradise with a city to explore, what more could you want? This is where we fell… Continue reading


12289560_10204475970414205_2235667181488902219_nNorway? No Way!

When most people think of Noway, they don’t think of anything besides Fjords. My experience in Norway was quite different. As you may know, Kyle and I like to budget travel so that way if we save money on one trip, we’ll be able to take another trip sooner. My trip to Norway, was absolutely … Continue reading