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26755393_10213883452632284_1611513342_nHi! My name is Gretel and when I’m not cuddling my cat, I’m actually quite active and adventurous (ask Kyle, I can never sit still). I have an affinity for the Spanish language and many of my solo travels have revolved around this love of Spanish! It is my life goal to become a polyglot. I’ve trotted my way to 4 Spanish speaking countries/territories (Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Puerto Rico). I can’t wait to travel to many more countries, regardless of their official languages!

I’ve never really had an interest in a traditional lifestyle and I don’t plan to have a traditional lifestyle anytime soon. My hobbies include running 5K’s, skydiving, and living with strangers in Spain (Yes, I actually did this). It really helps having my boyfriend Kyle by my side to partake in all of these spontaneous activities with me.

I’m a really big nerd. In college, I majored in Sociology and minored in International Studies. I’ve combined those interests and  I’ve presented research at several conferences on the East Coast of the USA discussing the travel industry, as well as language learning and identity formation.

I can honestly say that I’ve found myself through travel and I can’t wait to keep on growing through shared experiences with Kyle! I hope Kyle and I can inspire others to take a leap of faith to pursue once in a lifetime experiences.

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I am an explorer at heart, whether it is in the books I read, the video games that I play, or the places I visit, I love discovering what the world has to show me.

My one goal in life is that when I am older I want to be an interesting person, so while I am young I hope to make future Kyle’s dream come true. I have been to 15 different countries and am looking to go to more places, both local and international. I love seeing new places and trying new food, but there is always one thing I remember the most; the people.

From Jacque in the French Riviera who told me he was not superman, the pleasant people of Greece, or even a Chinese English teacher in China telling me that she would be insulted if I didn’t take a banana from her as a gift . I have met so many different people with unique outlooks on the world that I feel as if I understand living just a little bit more.

Come explore with me on my solo adventures by clicking here!