A New Adventure

Hey everyone!

There is some major news with GKexplorers, but first we wanted to say thank you! We appreciated all of your love and support throughout the years, it has fueled us to share what we love with all of you!

If we have learned anything from exploring it is that roads are all different. Some are more bumpier than others while some may easily cruise across the beautiful countryside, some roads have a fork in the road while some roads end. Unfortunately, GKexplorers is a road that has ended with a fork in the road, each with a new beginning.

GKexplorers will no longer be maintained and is retiring. 

Is this the end?

Not Exactly.

For those that would like to keep up with new and exciting travel posts a new one has been created.

Kyle’s Miles is a new blog that will have a lot of the posts you loved from GKexplorers and will continue on by following Kyle’s new adventures.      https://kylesmiles.org/

Again, for everyone that has given us love and have supported GKexplorers we appreciate everything you have done for us and all of the support. ❤

Thank you.




1 thought on “A New Adventure”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that this portion of your blog is going to be retiring but happy to hear that you’re going on a “new” adventure . Thank you so much for liking and supporting my little blog and I wish you all the best in your new “adventure “

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