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Gretel’s Grotto

Also known officially as the Hamilton Pool Preserve, this was added to our list as one of the coolest nature adventures we have ever been on. This Texan secret took us all the way 45 minutes outside of Austin, Texas on Memorial Day.


Luckily you need reservations to access the pool preserve, otherwise we would have been swimming through people instead of water. We actually saw people being turned away from the entrance because they either had dogs or didn’t have a ticket to enter! We bought our tickets three months in advance and were still hard pressed to pick a day.


During the weekend we tried multiple hiking trails and parks to get in a nature day, but they were swarmed with hot Texans looking to cool down.


Thankfully, the bacteria was low and safe enough for us to go swimming, which means we didn’t go home being sick or having weird growths on us!


My only regret was not bringing water shoes since the rocks on the beach and on the pool floor felt like sharp plastic bricks on the bottom of our feet.


There was just something special about the warm water, the peaceful sound of the waterfall, the many birds flying around the ceiling, and the ferns growing upside down along the cave walls. Gretel and I were happy picking each other up (literally) and just having a moment, something that can be taken for granted.


Some dates include going to the movies, eating at a restaurant, or maybe even downing a whole pizza while binge watching a favorite t.v. show in bed. I find the most rewarding dates are when you have that “moment” where the butterflies invade your organs and flutter around.


This trip reminded us that whether we are going somewhere cool or just staying in bed ignoring the fact we should be going to the gym, it’s to have more “moments”.

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Buen viaje!



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