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Charisma’s Kiss

In the small town of Blarney, Ireland, there is said to be a magical stone that if you gave it a quick peck of the lips that you would receive a boon of Charisma. Looking to smooth things over with an angry boss? Want to woo a crush? Do you make bad jokes at parties?It’s time to go kiss a rock! But not just any rock will do the trick, this rock is the Blarney Stone. You may search the various buildings for this stone around town but it will not be until you head into Blarney Park that the stone will soon reveal itself. DSCN0833

Easily you could spend a few hours in this park as there are many sights to see.DSCN0824

When I first learned of the stone I thought it was going to be more of like Plymouth Rock, or the stone that once held Excalibur. I had no idea that all around there was going to be a whole park of unique things to see.

Why would you explore a park when you’ve got plans to go smooching a block of stone? Well, what if I told you not everything is this park is kissable. What if I told you that if you kissed certain items that they could be quite fatal? That’s right. Welcome to the Poison Garden of Blarney Park.


You would never find something like this in the states, and after the detergent eating fiasco it is probably for the best. Blarney Park holds other secrets as well besides a powerful stone and a deadly garden. There are also mysterious caves that you are welcome to explore.


Do you dare explore the depths in the dark? If the answer is no then there is still more for you to see! There also have a sculpture garden as well as some peaceful nature walks.

DSCN0887DSCN0886 Keep your eyes out so that you do not miss anything while walking around!


Well, maybe keep them in your head but you get what I mean! You would be hard pressed to not find something interesting while walking around the park. Now that we know the lay of the land it is almost time to see why we have come to Blarney…The Blarney Castle, where the Blarney Stone rests.


However, to keep this post short, we will explore inside the Blarney Castle and will see the mythical Blarney Stone in our next post!

For the cliffhanger here is a bonus picture of me hanging from a cliff in Arcadia National Park in Maine! Gretel had to take the picture so she wasn’t able to help me up at that time, is this why American’s have shorter life spans? (I can laugh at us, right?)


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