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Nashville With A Northerner

Live country music in every bar? Check. Beer, boots, and cowboy hats? Check. Hundreds of people from Philadelphia chanting for their football team? Um, check? Definitely not what we expected from a 12 hour drive to a different city, but before a football game what could we expect?


I have never seen such energy in a city before where people are singing, dancing, and just having a good time throughout all of downtown in Nashville, Tennessee.


While we were driving next to a party bus we even saw an Eagles fan jump off of the roof of the bus, high-five a person in a car, and climb up the side of the bus. They say that when you travel you take a bit of home with you, but we never expected that (or asked for it).


After taking out a loan to park our car we decided to explore the city!

Boots anyone? Fun Fact: I have never been in a single shoe store…

…because all of the stores I have been in the shoes come in pairs!


If you are looking for a nice view try walking on the pedestrian bridge for some nice scenery!

We were going to a wedding down here at the Loveless Cafe so we had some free time before any of the events took place, so we stopped by to see some awesome murals!

We even got to see Kyle’s favorite place, one that is nowhere near where we live but has awesome milkshakes…


Yeah, yeah, I see some of you rolling your eyes saying “Dude it’s a chain, chill out.” Let me tell you that I can get a full meal plus a milkshake for like $10! How is that not awesome?!

We did this over a weekend (yep, 12 hour drive both ways) to see my best friend get married. His family is like my second family and they definitely made me feel that way. Southern hospitality?


We are not very big on crowds but we would love to visit Nashville again (Sorry Philly but you can STAY home this time!) when there is less going on! The bars seemed energetic and there was a lot of fun specialties that made Nashville unique.


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Buen viaje!


5 thoughts on “Nashville With A Northerner”

  1. Nashville is amazing! One of my favorite cities. People are wicked friendly, food is so good, and you don’t even have to like country and Western music because there is so much other types of music that’s going on there. My friend and I went for a Nashville Predators hockey game. Wicked awesome time , we even went to see the Grand Ole Opry.

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  2. Nashville is a fun city, and Loveless Cafe is possibly my favorite spot to eat down there! If you feel like some Americana history next time you visit, I recommend going to the Hermitage, which was Andrew Jackson’s home in Nashville.

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