A Town Of Witches

Next month is one of our favorite holidays in the States; Halloween! A time where we dress up in costumes, eat a lot of candy against our diet’s wishes, and scare ourselves until we can’t sleep on October 31st! One town in Massachusetts always feels like it’s Halloween and is filled with witches, psychics, and ghosts. DSCN1846

This would be the town of Salem. Although the town may look like any historic district on the East coast with cobblestone (and brick) streets, the town also has a darker past.

DSCN1845 The Salem Witch Trials are well known here as the town would cleanse their streets from the evil magic users of the past.DSCN1847

Were they people that conjured dark magic to wish themselves luck, curse sickness on townsfolk, and speak with spirits? Or were these people accused of witchcraft by jealous neighbors to be burned and drowned alive?


For those looking to relive the experience there are live reenactments about the trials,  ghost trails at night, The Witch House, and plenty of shops where you can buy potions and spell books!

Whether or not you like to be spooked it is a fun place to visit! We poked around a few shops and bought some spell-infused candles, took some pictures, and even went into the bookstore!DSCN1840

The dead and alive both haunt this town, which will you be when you go visit? Happy early Halloween! whahaha

Buen viaje!


3 thoughts on “A Town Of Witches”

  1. This city is on my bucket list . I lived in Boston for 13 years and never visited Salem even though it was a public transportation ride away. I’m not sure that I would want to visit during Halloween season, but I would definitely visit this city any other time. Very sad history in this cuty. Nice post.

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  2. I visited Boston a couple of years ago and took a little side trip to Salem. You’re right; it does feel like a town that’s haunted year around, even in the summer time when I went. It’s a fascinating place though and definitely worth a visit.

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