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Crying Witch

There once was a town that cried Wolf Witch,

A town of people that liked to snitch.

“Witch!” They cried but begged did she;

“Nor I a witch as much as he!”

There was not a thing to do but she struggled and cried.

“Well if you are not a witch then you got nothing to hide!”

The town gathered rope, stakes, forks, and fire,

Let’s see if she burns and make her a liar!

She kicked and scratched at everyone’s faces,

She felt the rough rope as it tightened in places.

“You cannot do this as we share the same God!”

“I’d stop talking witch.” the man said with a nod.

She was tied around the post as he whispered her ear,

“I will inherit your property, your money, my dear.”


The crowd left, the smoke dissipated with the air,

“You knew she wasn’t a witch but you didn’t care,”

“I now own a house and piles of jewels,

it was not my fault that you are all fools”

The town of Salem was cursed again that day,

an innocent stood where an ash pile now lay.

Written by Kyle Dixon


Hey all!

I wrote this poem as a teaser to get you excited about our next post on Salem, Massachusetts! Who said we had to wait for Halloween to post haunting places!

Buen viaje!




1 thought on “Crying Witch”

  1. Great tease, guys! Salem is on my bucket list. I never visited Salem even though I lived in Boston for 13 years , and Salem is a public transportation ride away from Boston . Looking forward to reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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