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Take Me Somewhere Nice

Although I have a full time job I just picked up a part time job as a waiter. I used to do this for a bit after high school and figure I could use the extra money, even if it cut into my free time. DSCN0149

It was in the afternoon when I had an older couple sit down at my table and greeted me in an accent I could not place. I asked the usual about what they would like to drink and what they would like to order when they told me that they were not from the area. Turns out that they were from France on holiday (‘vacation’ for us Americans).


For a moment I was lost in thought as I remembered when I visited Nice, France, and felt the sunshine from both the sun and the people. DSCN0148

I was not paying attention when they asked me for a bottle. After minutes of trying to find a bottle of wine I thought they said, I went back, showed them the wine menu, and then laughed and said they were trying to ask for a bottle of water.


I remembered the laughs and the politeness that I shared with the people in Nice, France. I remembered the friendliness of the kids that showed me the location of the grocery store when I needed supplies, and of the older man that told me about his vacation homes in France and the States.

DSCN0143 I tried making friends in Nice but the rest of the kids in my group were  interested in the room full of vending machines instead!  strs

I remembered the hotel I stayed at and sharing bottles of French wine during the night when the chaperones were asleep with kids my own age (being legal to drink in France) as we talked with a couple from Switzerland.


I took walks around the hotel and it almost seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves.


I even came across some interesting things..

Maybe one day I will be able to take Gretel to this beautiful place and show her the places where I have met amazing people.


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Au revoir!


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