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Mystical Mystic

I grew up surrounded by trees which meant that I spent most of my childhood exploring the forest. Having few friends and a good imagination I often found myself not in the woods but exploring far away places and different landscapes. Not being able to drive and only visiting a beach I never really knew what a harbor town looked like.


Of course, Mystic, Connecticut, did not have monsters for me to battle or civilians to save, but it did offer a town full of imagination. This playground of a town had quirky shops… IMG_20180422_122851

beautiful boats both in and out of the water…


and even a drawbridge with menacing counterweights! IMG_20180422_123432

Most of the restaurants were busy for lunch so we decided to go grab some pizza. IMG_20180422_122155

Little did we know that we were walking into what looked like an old movie set!

That’s right, there was a movie called Mystic Pizza that came out in 1988!

We had no idea until we sat down and saw all of the pictures that covered the walls from the set and all of the actors!

Although none of the actual filming took place in the restaurant it turns out that the pizza place had a renovation that resembled the movie!

After some pretty good pizza we walked over to check out the seaport with the rest of the boats and the museum. Unfortunately, we did not have enough to see the boats up close but we did get to buy some gifts for people in the gift shop!


If you are on the hunt for small port towns and need somewhere to store your boat, go check out Mystic, Connecticut!


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