The States, Washington D.C.

A Young Nation’s Headquarters

Arriving in the Nation’s Capital I had no idea what to expect let alone what to do. I know that this is where America’s most famous monuments are but I never had an itch to go visit. What surprised me in Washington D.C. was that I was not bored! The first thing I wanted to do was to see the White House as well as the monuments!

It must cost a fortune to heat the place.

The president tucked away in his humble abode

I have seen the memorials in movies but I never really knew where everything was in regards to each other. After the White House I went over to see the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial!

I think my favorite is definitely the Lincoln Memorial because of the Greek-based architecture and for one of the most powerful influential speeches of all time being held here given by Dr. Luther King Jr. DSCN1740

After getting my picture taken and watching ducklings in the pool of water I decided it was time to check out some of the museums!

I’m the kind of guy that enjoys looking at things and reading only the items that interest me, so if you go to a museum with me and you like reading every little thing you may get frustratedDSCN1747

Something that won’t frustrate you is that a lot of the museums are free! If only other cities did this as well, I am looking at you Philadelphia…

One of the weirdest experiences I have had in a museum was in the butterfly conservatory. Since I was wearing a teal shirt I guess the butterflies thought I was a flower since they kept landing on me!DSCN1767

It wasn’t just one either, every few minutes I would feel a “thud” on me as they landed. I never expected them to have some weight but it felt like I kept getting tapped by someone’s fingers somewhere different on my torso.

Outside of the museums there was a farmer’s market…DSCN1798

…and the National Sculpture Garden!

Since I love animals I also decided to take the subway to the National Zoo the very next day!

If you love walking around to see different sights Washington D.C. is definitely the place to be. I still want to go during the Cherry Blossom Festival so hopefully I can make it there for the blossoming!

WWII Memorial

If you are trying to find something to do and have never been to the Nation’s capital, I would recommend going at least once!

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