The Secrets Of Cashel

The town of Cashel, Ireland, is a cute town in Tipperary county, but looming over the homes is a hill that contains a grouping of stone buildings that houses one of Ireland’s grandest treasures.


The Rock of Cashel contains a round tower, a chapel, and a cathedral, mostly hallowed out by the elements. If castles are on your mind when you head to Ireland, although not a castle, the Rock of Cashel should be on your list.


Although I went on a bus tour we were told to explore both the outside and the inside of this archaeological beauty and were not led by a tour guide. That meant we had to create our own adventure.


I wanted to uncover all of the Rock of Cashel’s secrets so I began to explore instead of following the group through the cemetery. This is what I found:


No signs. No people. Just the resting place of artifacts that were waiting to be found. The tour group did not seem interested in the more modern building, but they missed out on the museum that held even more artifacts.

What will you find at the Rock of Cashel? The door is open…are you going to walk through?


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