China, Explore with Kyle!

Nǐ Hǎo Shanghai

When I visited Shanghai, China, my only expectations were American Chinese food, China Town in Philadelphia, and the infamous “Made in China” logo (which can be found conveniently on American flags).

Little did I know that Chinese food looked or tasted nothing like American Chinese food, the shopping district looked like China Town, and everything was still “Made in China”. Next time I am going to get Gretel to come with me!


I remember China for the stories of the people I met, the friendships I established, and the reality of a whole new world.

DSCN0408I knew China was going to have a special place in my heart once I bartered with a woman who told me that the beautiful scarf I was holding was “100% Silk”, regardless of the “100% Cotton” tag that was still attached. (Woman not seen above).


Nor can I forget the cruise I took…


…where these two men were trying to pick up the female students…

…while giving us the Thumbs Up and saying “America OK!!”


One of the most interesting buildings I went inside was the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

This is where I got to see the whole city from the wrap-around see-through floors!

Of course, I had to send my mother and grandmother a photo stating I was living on the edge!


Going back to the lobby I had to check out the Shanghai history museum while the rest of the group was shopping.


The museum had a lot of cool artifacts and different areas to walk through! I believe that just this year (2018) they have moved the museum to the old Shanghai Race Club building where most of the collection is on display.

Apparently this is a chair?

If you ever get the chance to go to China be prepared for the different and unexpected, but never look past the friendly Chinese I have met on my journey, or the beauty through the fog.

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5 thoughts on “Nǐ Hǎo Shanghai”

  1. Wow!…. China is definitely on my radar in years to come; such a rich history and architecture they have. I’ve always dreamt I’d get to see The Great Wall one day.
    Awesome post by the way, the pics are stellar👍😎
    Keep up the good work
    Thomas 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love Chinese food and find it amusing that here in Australia (like USA) we have Aussie/Chinese food which are dishes the Chinese have never heard of like sweet and sour pork (maybe it’s a Cantonese dish). I really enjoyed the museum too..

    Liked by 2 people

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