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Singing Santorini

Many of you may have seen the beautiful white washed buildings overlooking the navy blue Aegean Sea, but is that all there is to Santorini, Greece? Let me take you on a tour of this crescent moon and show you what else it has to offer!


First, a piece of advice, once you land in the small airport you have two main ways of transportation; A taxi, or a shuttle car. Some if not all of the hotels have a shuttle car that will take you for free to the hotel! The taxi’s can be a bit pricey so always make sure you do not already have a ride!

23795391_10209298154485793_6170158683938131788_nAnother piece of information. Those pictures of the white buildings? Santorini is not covered in them, only certain towns are! The one that is mostly photographed is the town of Oia. Fira (Or Thera), the capital of Santorini, also has white buildings as well and a lot more shopping! We stayed in Oia so that is where our adventure begins! Time to hop off your ass and let’s go!23843288_10209298138045382_6033468087621612226_nWait what did you think I meant? I was talking about the pack of donkey’s that were walking up and down the stairs (so many stairs)! 23754698_10209298132365240_1923526908860244505_nAlthough these pack mules were not carrying passengers, they were busy helping construction workers build buildings and whitewash homes! We went during the off season so there were not many tourists and a few shops were closed, but that was perfect for us. We decided to skip the tourist area and explore the rest of the town. 23795503_10209298133845277_1007290035184371569_nThe pathways were a maze so we often had to backtrack but it was fun seeing furry locals relaxing or busy at work. The humans were also friendly! Although there were places to buy €2 Gyros we had to stop by and get some coffee at the cafe! Although we do not have photo evidence make sure to check out the cool hidden book store as well!23795582_10209298136845352_2454099739428924597_n23754855_10209298137925379_1025909268628763115_nAs we wnet off exploring again we were walking down all of the stairs near our hotel which led us to a hidden harbor where we got to see some cool rocks and the sea! Asking about the harbor we were told nicely by the woman at the hotel that she believed that the stairs were blocked off because they were slippery. Turns out someone had torn down the warning signs and we walked right over them. Whoops!23722771_10209298140005431_7019660907702114596_nDid I mention stairs?23755300_10209298140365440_6000578007625180490_nThinking back before vacation I should have went on a Stair Climber machine just to prepare! Anyways here are the views of the bottom! We were greeted by friendly Greeks and a cute little boat!

Oops, I seem to have forgotten to mention the dormant VOLCANO!


During the sunset we grabbed some dinner and waited for the perfect moment to take a picture. What ended up happening is that we made a few friends along the way!



I’m not even kidding when I say they followed us through half of the town and even posed for a picture!


After some frustration and “Kyle the sun is going down, I want a picture of us not just you and the dogs” we got the photo!


After sipping some wine on the rooftop and meeting  a cat we nicknamed καληνυχτα (Ka-li-nic-ta) we enjoyed the evening to prepare for the adventures the next day.


After hopping on a bus we decided to check out one of the colorful beaches. Although it took some road walking and some hiking, we made it to the Red Beach!


It was a beautiful day so we decided to have some fun picture taking!

We also found some doors on the beach that could have led to a secret lair! Type down below where you think the doors may lead! Kyle didn’t get the hint to move out of the way so now he is there for scale.


Seriously Kyle? Move out of the way!! Why are you wearing jeans on a beach?!? Anyways after being on the Red Beach we went to the Black Beach on the other side of the island!

We had a great time exploring the small towns and the entire island. This is one of the places we will always remember for the (stairs) white buildings, the amazing weather, friendly people, and delicious food.

If you are able to make it to the great country of Greece definitely try to stop over to Santorini!

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Antio Sas!



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