Arizona, The States

Antelopes & Horseshoes

Have you ever stared at your computer wallpaper and said to yourself “Man, I wish I could go wherever that is.” Just me? Well, if your wish comes true and you get sucked into your screen then you just made it to Antelope Canyon! If not, you may have to figure out how to get Page, Arizona, with a car or a plane!



Gretel and I arrived late at night to Page and accidentally walked into the wrong room at the motel (long story) but in the morning we were ready for our tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon!

Unfortunately, you can’t drive to the canyon and will need to hitch a ride on one of those safari vehicles made for 10 people. During the “safari” bus we didn’t see any Antelopes but we did see the sandstone walls as we traveled through Navajo territory.

Now when a guy drives us into the middle of the desert and asks us to follow him into a cave normally I decline, but once we saw how cool the canyon was we had to say yes.

We got there pretty early in the morning which meant that there were very few people with us in the canyon, but once we headed back it was extremely crowded and would have not been enjoyable for people that like personal space. Although it was darker we had an awesome tour guide that even offered to take our pictures!


The canyon was definitely worth the drive from Las Vegas and we even got to stop by another beautiful piece of land, Horseshoe Bend!


You are able to park your car here between the tour buses and the trailers, and make sure you bring water for the trip down! You have to walk down a slope full of sand, desert plant life, and more sand with the sun beating down on you. At the viewing area you will see a sign and rocks on a ledge. If you are the kind of person that feels safe with railings this is not your cup of tea. Expect to see people climbing and jumping near the edges, especially children.

Gretel was all about the heights, I……kept my distance.

If you are headed out to Page, Arizona, make sure to stop by these two places! For Antelope Canyon you will need a tour (there are a few businesses that offer them) but Horseshoe Bend is free as long as you can find parking!

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Buen viaje!


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