Pennsylvania, The States

A Festival Of China (In America)

Besides going to different towns and countries sometimes exploring can be right around the corner, if Philadelphia, Pennsylvania happens to be close.  When we found out that there was going to be the Chinese Lantern Festival in Philly we couldn’t pass it up!


Being fair I thought it was the LanternFest where you are able to light a candle and watch the lantern fly away, but I was obviously mistaken. I mean come on?! Who in their right mind could mix up the Lantern Festival from the LanternFest? The names are way to different.


Anyways, while walking through the Historic District we decided to suck it up and paid the cover charge on 18$ a person not knowing what to expect. Although there were no floating fireballs we took a nice evening stroll through the amazing lights! We went where there was not a lot of people earlier in the evening and were able to walk and enjoy the artwork.


We had a dinner date planned that night but since we still had time we stopped and took some photos!

Dog I was mimicking is actually behind me


We even got eaten by a shark!



A lot of times when we travel it is very “Go! Go! Go! We have to see and do everything!” So it was nice to slow down and take a nice walk outside while appreciating the artwork.


It was something the both of us have never done before so it was nice for the both of us to experience it together. Although we did not partake you were allowed to consume beer while taking a stroll through the park, and they even had a shop where you can buy panda merchandise! If you feel the urge to do something fun but can’t go far or spend a lot of money, check out your local town or city to see what events are there!


We tend to take a lot of local events for granted stated that “Well it’s so close we can go any time!” Which means that we will never go, so I am glad that we actually stepped out of our comfort zone and checked out the Chinese Lantern Festival!

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Buen viaje!


5 thoughts on “A Festival Of China (In America)”

  1. I always say do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of your own hometown because you really haven’t seen everything . Love Phily and it gets a bad rep from everyone , especially those of us who live in Boston and New York , lol. Their Chinatown is small but not as congested as both the Chinatown’s in New York City are. Looks like you had fun.

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