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Hangry Abroad

You notice something is off, either within yourself or you see it in the person you are traveling with. The snarky comments, the short temper, the negative attitude. Maybe your friend that never stops talking has become as silent as a mouse. You might have a slight idea about what is wrong but your thoughts are elsewhere. My friend, you have caught something that many of us get frequently, and no this isn’t a “go get checked out at the doctor ASAP post”, you may just be hangry.


Originally, I was going to use the word Hungry in the post, but I decided against it as there is also a country with the same name.

As a travel blog that could have been misleading.

With our travels we would also like to give out advice, and let me tell you how not eating on a trip can ruin your day very fast!

Now if you are the lucky one that does not get hangry then this post may not be for you, unless you would like to look at some pictures of food!

If you are currently hangry and would still like to look at pictures of food, you may also be a masochist.


WARNING: There are going to be a lot of pictures of food, if you or a loved one is viewing and begins to feel the hanger, please grab a bite to eat before it’s too late!

Gretel and I have had many unfortunate experiences of how being hungry when traveling, which can ruin an amazing trip. It is important to keep track of the last time you ate so that you are not miserable during your adventure.


For longer trips we will often buy a bunch of snack/protein bars to bring with us for emergency snacks. When Gretel and I rented a car to drive from Nevada to Utah, you can bet that the first thing we did was go to a grocery store where we bought a trunk full of snacks and a case of water!

We are always planning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just because we know we will be in a better mood if we are well fed!

One worry is about price. Depending where you are you might plan on skipping a meal to save a quick buck. This is where the snack bars can come in handy as well as a plan to find somewhere cheap away from the tourist areas!

Why do we have so many pictures of food and Kyle eating food? Well I honestly have no idea, for those questions you will have to ask Gretel. #Instagram


Personally I become a monster if I am not fed regularly. If I recognize I am becoming quiet or start to have negative thoughts I grab a bite to eat, no matter if I am hungry or not!

Don’t let being hungry ruin your vacation! Pick up a few emergency snacks, keep track of when you last ate, and look out for the warning signs before the hangry claims you!

Now it’s time for you to grab some food and go out exploring!

See you all on our next adventure!

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Buen viaje!



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