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Longing for London

London, England, was another one of those places where I only got to explore for a short amount of time, but I am glad that I went! London I felt was the city of exploration. Throughout the city I never ran out of things to see ,whether they were unique buildings or staples of English culture! I even learned a few things that I am going to share with you so pack your luggage for Holiday because we are going to England!


So most of us know Big Ben, or at least Elizabeth’s Tower (Big Ben is actually the bell inside the tower #factcheck) but did you know that it is actually attached to another building?? This building of course is the Palace of Westminster!

For anyone who isn’t American this is probably obvious but throughout my life I was lead to believe it was just a standalone tower. Anyone else or was it just me?DSCN1073

I literally assumed it was just a singular clock tower standing on it’s own ( I blame the media). Walking along the streets of London another thing I found interesting was one of the most famous bridges in London, the London Bridge!


Wait, hold on, let me make sure that that is the correct picture….It should have towers on it right? Light blue railings, some guy selling roasted peanuts. Where is it all?

Well I double checked and that is definitely London Bridge, but then what bridge am I thinking of?


Oh that’s right! Tower Bridge! I have heard Tower Bridge called London Bridge before so many times that I rarely thougth otherwise. I mean technically it is a bridge in the city of London as well, but it does have it’s own name!

I think Tower Bridge fits the bridge better, with the towers and all… *clears throat* Crazy huh? If you already knew these fun facts then you get 10 GKexplorer points!

Disclosure: GKexplorer points are not currency of any kind, cannot be cashed in, are non-refundable, and are a figment of imagination. Please gather points responsibly.

London had a lot of fun building to take pictures of, especially when you are trying to figure out what inspired the architect. The one on the left to me looks like a walkie-talkie/ speaker thing, and on the right it one of the few egg shaped buildings around the city!

If I remember my London buildings correctly the next building should be The Shard, a building that looks like a piece of large glass fell from the sky.


I can’t forget about the London Eye either, although it is not a building! I didn’t get to take a ride since I was short on time, but it is something that I have always considered!


Besides the tall buildings and the London Eye there are many more places to discover just by walking around! I had a lot of fun discovering what was hidden around the city, the London icons like the red buses and phone booths, and the pieces of art that were not expected but were highly welcomed!

Anywhere you walk you can take cool pictures of what is around you…

I am not one for going shopping (often) when abroad so a city that had so much to see outside was perfect, especially for my walking pace!

Make London your own as there is so much to do, and if/when Gretel and I go together I know for next time that a weekend was just not enough time for this uniquely beautiful city.


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4 thoughts on “Longing for London”

  1. I don’t go to London nearly as often as I would like, but when I do it’s by train from Paris or Brussels, through the tunnel. The German railways have been promising for years that they are going to create a direct ICE train connection from Frankfurt to London, but they keep putting it off from year to year.

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