Massachusetts, The States

Boston, The (Almost) Unreachable City

Have you ever tried driving through Boston, Massachusetts, all of the twists, turns, underground tunnels, to get to the North End, just to realize you took the “supposed” left your GPS convinced you to take and are actually on your way out of the city? Yep. Before we set foot in Boston it turned out we were actually leaving.

Back tracking, different roads, and angry grumbles later, we finally found a parking garage to lay the car for a much needed break. 30706921_10210250368930559_2244892736844397492_n

The first thing we wanted to do  was to check out the old (er, olde) cobblestone roads and Mr. Paul Revere riding his horse in the historic district of North End.


We ended up walking a lot through the city and by the end of the day we wished Mr. Revere would give us a ride back to our car, but I think he was more focused on his lookout duty.


Continuing onward throughout the district we managed to find a memorial with dog tags. It was neat but also gave an eerie feeling, wondering if the tags were actually worn by the fallen soldiers themselves. We did not notice any names on the tags, but the feeling persisted.


Being Americans and hearing the name Paul Revere in our history classes, we decided to check out his house, which definitely looked out of place with all of the brick surrounding it.

Tip of the day: Heels are not recommended for cobblestone streets, so Kyle had to leave his at home


Besides the historic district, it was cool to see the old buildings standing right next to the modern skyscrapers.



After doing some exploring on foot our stomachs and wallets wanted to explore as well, so we headed straight to the Quincy Market!


Outside surrounding the building you can find restaurants, shopping, and a ton of people, all for your anxiety and introverted needs!


After prying Kyle out of the comic book store that was more accustomed to being a sauna than selling paperbacks, we headed inside the Quincy Market building to find some much needed ice cream. Along the rows are different types of food for all kinds of cravings.

To enjoy our treat we made our way to the Boston Common, the “Central Park” of Boston.

Although New York City may be on your list of visiting, we would definitely consider giving Boston a chance to win your heart as well (just maybe take a bus, train, or plane instead of a car)!



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9 thoughts on “Boston, The (Almost) Unreachable City”

    1. Thank you Reesy!!

      We can never seem to stay in one place for very long and we already have a history of traveling to different places, so stay turned for more posts! It is thanks to our followers and supporters that we love to share our experiences! If you ever want to talk travel feel free to contact us at! We would love to hear from you!


  1. Love this post. I was born in new York but for 13 years Boston was home and I still consider it home. It reminds a lot of people of a European city and they really do have the new buildings mixed I’m with the old. you all were walking on part of the Freedom Trail.That’s what that dark red bricks were. You also could have done a free tour of the new statehouse, which was the building directly in back of you across the street from Boston Commons.

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