Abroad, Ireland

Convivial Kilkenny

One of my favorite things to do in towns besides exploring is trying to find the local treasures that the town has to offer. In Kilkenny, Ireland, I was not disappointed. DSCN0950

One of the first things I noticed when walking through the streets was that there was a giant castle looming over the town. I knew I had to find some way inside the castle.DSCN0919

Going around Ireland I was used to seeing castles that have fallen apart and are no longer in use, so it was fascinating that I was able to walk through the gates to notice a beautiful courtyard!

Walking through the gated entrance I expected to see royal guards with swords and archers lining the walls, but instead I didn’t see much of anyone until I walked inside to see a tour guide that said the tours were booked until a few hours. So I explored the rest of the town and waited.

Since I had a few hours I wanted to see more of the town and had to figure out where to find a map.


Going deeper into town I discovered tight alley ways in one of the oldest parts of the town that definitely gave me the “I am in a movie” vibe. Maps can be a blessing, I am not sure if I would have been able to find the area without one!


Although I did not go into any of these shops it was still fun to walk around!


When I was walking through the streets I found a long alleyway that was also used by cars I had to dodge, so I decided to take a look.


After seeing a big red door I knew that I have found something interesting, but I had another tour in the castle to make but I was definitely going to stop back here later.

After the awesome castle tour and viewing the different decorated rooms I walked through the red doors to find the old Smithwicks brewing factory! Looking down on the floor I was even able to see the old cobblestone through a glass window!DSCN0954

I have never had the beer before and they stated that the main factory had been moved to increase in size, but they still offered tours. I have to say this is still one of my favorite tours I have ever been on.

The tour guide was fun and energetic (that’s the tour guide in the red laser beam cage).


The tour had talking artwork that gave some information about the company and the beer.


They even had a tasting room and the end of the tour for people to rest and enjoy a drink!


I enjoyed the town so much that I even named my cat Kilkenny!


It was a peaceful train ride from Dublin and I did not drive in the town so it was easy to walk everywhere!

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