Pennsylvania, The States

Long Walks In Longwood Gardens

Since Longwood Gardens (located in Pennsylvania) has always been relativity close to Kyle he has gone since he was a kid. It is a large park that is open year round and has many sights to see, including a flower conservatory with many different biomes, a stone tower, an Italian water garden, ponds, and much more!

Gretel and I like to take walks here during all seasons, especially since they always have new exhibits!

Walking outside around the park it feels a bit like Europe with the stone statues and the singular tower hidden in the trees. They had just completed the restoration of the Main Fountain Garden so we are excited to go back during the summer!

Since it was a bit cold we decided to head into the conservatory to keep warm and look at all of the plants inside. We were not disappointed!


During the colder seasons there is more room to walk around and you are not continuously bumping into people, which is nice if you like your own space.


It was nice being able to go at our own pace instead of feeling rushed so we were actually able to “stop and smell the roses”.

Besides the few main rooms you can go from walking through a dry desert with many cacti and head off to see the banana plants growing in the humid room next door!


Walking through the conservatory leaves you with the feeling that the plants were rebelling to take over each of the rooms.


It could also be a fun place to take a date! Speaking from experience it was a good way for Gretel and I to get to know one another since we were walking, exploring together, and learning how each other does in a public setting!


We got a yearly pass so if we are bored and want to walk around no matter the day or time of year we can just head on over, especially since all of the flower rooms are warm!

If you haven’t been we recommend at least going once to travel through the jungles of Longwood Gardens!

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