Pennsylvania, The States

A New Hope

Whenever Gretel and I feel the need to visit quirky shops we always seem to end up in New Hope Pennsylvania. As we stepped out of the car and walked into the town the first thing we say was a woman who was dressed in a white garb preaching about the Rapture as she spit loogies on the side of the road. After that we knew it was going to be a good day.

We have been there during the summer and winter and let me tell you that there is such a difference. Of course in the winter we were bundled up from head to toe and the summer’s heat made us dehydrated, but there were other differences that made it a unique experience to visit during both seasons. 29101907_10214474450726867_2725575293874995200_n

During the winter it was a lot easier to walk around and park since the crowd was smaller and we actually ended up in more stores just to seek shelter from the wind. We hit up our staple spots like Farley’s Bookshop and Phantasm’s Comics to see what was new and to try and find any comics about Black Panther (Kyle’s new favorite superhero). We also tried the vegetarian restaurant Sprig & Vine which was delicious as we got tofu tacos, scrambled tofu burritos and fruit-glazed french toast.

There is also a bridge that you can take into New Jersey to get to Lambertville to visit new stores. We have only driven through it but we ended up going on the bridge just to take pictures since it was cold and windy.


During the Summer we first stopped by Dilly’s at Centre Bridge for a burger and some awesome fries. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in walking distance but we wanted to be well fed to explore the town. Although there is more people when it is warmer there is a nice little spot near the Bucks County Playhouse where they sometimes have someone playing music outside.

It is a nice place to relax and we found a seat near the river where we could take a break from the crowds.

29027447_10209985336064903_8852974950600933376_n If you are looking for a small new place to explore and shop then New Hope PA might be on your list.

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