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Walking In Watkins Glen & Corning

I can’t tell you how many times Gretel had to correct me since I kept calling the town “Walkings Glen” in the state of New York. We have both been to the town before (wine tasting and Farm Sanctuary) but now we decided to do something a little different. We both wanted to explore the town as well as go to the state park. While we were in the area we also decided to check out the town of corning and the glass museum!

We got to Watkins Glen an hour before the sun set so we made the decision to go to the state park first in case it rained the next day. The main entrance was closed so we had to find another way in near a deer reservation/game park.


There is supposedly an awesome gorge down by the river but unfortunately the gates were closed due to winter conditions. It was disappointing but understandable since it was covered in ice and looked dangerous.

Although we went during the off season we did get to see a lot more of the area since there were no leaves on the trees.

As we continued to walk we surprising found a graveyard and an old abandoned shack right near some gravestones. While I was taking a photo of Kyle someone grabbed him by the neck and tried to drag him in! Only then did we realize it was his own hand after all.


After having some fun walking around the park and taking some pictures we decided to head over to The Glen Theater where we were able to see Black Panther for only 8$! Remember the last time you paid that price for a movie ticket? I don’t. 28449554_10209897265983206_408930007_n

After grabbing something to eat after a long day we bought a bottle of local wine and headed back to the room to chill out. There did not appear to be a lot of night life going on but we suspect that the streets would be crowded during the summer. The next day we decided to walk around the town to see what it had to offer.28449594_10209897255462943_126921492_n28512144_10214334304463298_975721186_n

Besides some street art there were a lot of breweries and food options and all of the main parts in town were in walking distance from one another.

We also went by the harbor to take some fun pictures to take advantage of the weather and to walk around (we did a lot of walking Gretel, see? Walkings Glen makes more sense). It was nice because we had the harbor all to ourselves and could not imagine how crowded it would be when the weather was warmer.


Our next spot was to go to the Corning glass museum where we decided to sign up for some glass blowing classes! 28511313_10214334306143340_1251392477_n

Gretel decided to make a awesome purple flower and I wanted to make a planet paperweight thing!

I have no idea what I will use it for but it is cool to say that my breath is trapped in an item until it breaks, right?

Gretel did some actual flame work so she had to wear the right equipment while I just kind of strolled in and they gave me a pipe.

After having a lot of fun making our own glass we decided to check out the museum that had some cool live demonstrations of large Jack in the Pulpit flowers and being able to see the stress breaking points in glass! There were also a ton of glass artifacts from around the world and in different times throughout history!


The museum is huge so if you like to read everything, and I mean everything, this could easily be a whole day trip for you. Although they did have a cafeteria we wanted to see the town of Corning so we set off on the free shuttle to downtown!



It appeared that a lot of places were closed on the Sunday but we ended up grabbing a bite to eat at Mooney’s Sports Bar which had huge plates for a decent amount of cash.

Overall we had a lot of fun and were able to do it during a weekend trip as it wasn’t that long of a drive! As we said there is also Farm Sanctuary that rescues abused farm animals where you can go pet them, and there is a of of local wineries to explore as well!

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