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Frolicking Through France

When I was 18 and graduated high school I wanted to take a trip somewhere in Europe, so when the opportunity came I saved up enough money to take a bus trip across the Mediterranean. This trip was my first experience out of the country and traveling without my family. Even though I was with a tour group I had to make my own decisions about where to eat when offered and what to do with my limited free time.

Unfortunately, on this trip we had to have a buddy system, and my “buddy” just wanted to ogle at the girls on the trip, so I was limited to following him around mopping up his drool. Although, this did teach me how important it was to have a great travel buddy so I am glad that Gretel is now my travel partner. Going to France before we even met I did get to see the beauty of Southern France, which takes us to our first stopping point.



Before climbing up the hill to reach the small town of Eze the main reason we were here was to visit a laboratory, Parfumerie Fragonard to be exact; A perfume/fragrance laboratory for Fragonard. Although some of the people on the tour thought that this was pretty cool 18 year old Kyle didn’t care for the different scents or manufacturing processes of fragments.

That was the majority of our time so we could either stay and shop or climb up to explore the town on the hill. Miraculously I was able to find a new partner who wanted to visit the town since my “buddy” pretended to shop while talking to his three crushes.

Since it was getting late in the day we were only able to see a few shops and were not able to fully make it into the town but from what I did see it was worth the hike.

Even looking down from the town it was nice to see the beautiful landscape and the Mediterranean Sea.DSCN0116

After visiting this small town we ended up going to a city that truly felt like a vacation/holiday spot.


I can’t lie, Nice was nice! (awaits incoming laughter at the hilarious joke) now, now, for real though I wish I had spent more time here, and more freedom to explore the city. Besides the temperature the city felt warm with the light colored buildings and the open spaces.DSCN0127

One of my best beach experiences was on the French Riviera. Not only was the water clear enough for you to see your toes (and fish swimming around) but there were also these platforms that you could swim out to go hangout on. There was a bunch of kids my age and younger that were pushing each other off of the platform, so the only logical thing I could think of doing was pushing the kids off as well. I got to send three children to the depths when I got rammed and one of the older kids pushed me into the water.

I poked my head out and all of them were starring at me to see how I would react. I smiled and laughed and when they learned I was not doing it out of aggression they smiled and laughed as well. Some people in my tour group (16-19 year olds) joined in until we were all pushing each other. I actually hurt my arm pretty bad from banging it on the platform so I had to end the game. Later they walked with my tour to show us where we could go grab some good food and wished us on our way.

Do not fear, I have another heart-warming platform story to share. While my group sat on the beach one day I swam out onto one of the platforms to relax. Way past the platforms there was an elderly lady who was swimming to the buoys in the distance where boats had to keep their distance. There was an older man who was struggling to get onto the platform so I gave him a hand.

He said something in French that included Superman and I looked at him in confusion. He then asked if I speak English which I nodded and said yes. He said that he was not Superman anymore, but his wife might be. He pointed over to the woman who was swimming and said that she did this every time they came down to their house in Nice. Although our time talking was short I will always remember Jacques, as well as the kids I shoveded into the water. When we ended our trip in Nice we got on the bus and drove to our next destination.


This huge structure is a Roman aqueduct that had the capability of transporting large amounts water from far distances into Roman towns and cities! A lot of people tend to think of Romans only being in Italy when they actually had a lot of ground under control, even extending up to England!

If you love ancient structures then the Pont Du Gard is definitely a stopping point. As I said I took a bus tour here that was pre-planned in the states, but I am sure you would be able to visit by bus and especially car.

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Au revoir!


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