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Transportation can be one of the most anxious things to think about before going on a trip. Even before we travel we always ask ourselves these questions: How will we get around/get there? What are safety concerns? Do we tip? Do they have Uber there? This post is meant for those that may need some reassuring when thinking about transportation. If you have a specific question post it in the comments below!

So you know where you want to go but you need to figure out how to get to your destination and how to travel while you are there. The best way to know that is to do some research about how accessible is the location. Do you need to take a cab, a train, or a bus? We are going to talk about some of the methods we have used to go to certain sites.

If you are not too worried about getting to your hotel from the airport check to see what kinds of transportation they offer. Is it more convenient to take a train rather than a bus? Or maybe determine if a taxi or Uber is easier. Is the place where you are staying offer free shuttles to the location from the airport? When Gretel and I arrived in Santorini, Greece, we learned that taxis were around €40 while our hotel gave us a ride for free.

Now its time to hop in the car fellow explorer and let’s take a drive down the information highway! (Kyle insisted that we include the previous line, be on the lookout for more bad jokes.)19642806_10208378553856352_7649688890577249665_n



Planes are by far the fastest way to travel and sometimes the only way if you are going farther than a few miles. You can also snap some awesome aerial view photos of the land below! We know some people who refuse to use a plane and wouldn’t travel because of the fear of flying. The both of us have taken many planes in our lives, some extremely comfortable while others were quite scary, but we still made it to our destination! Some people just don’t like airports which is completely understandable but that’s on you to determine if fifteen minutes of airport security is worth you going on the vacation/holiday of your dreams.


Airplanes are also a great way to save time during a trip. In the states technically we could drive anywhere but it saves a lot of time to fly rather than drive. You can also bring items along to keep you busy while the pilot does all of the hard work. Now before we get on a plane we have to actually get to the airport, right? There are a few ways that we do this.

Gretel and I use an airport parking service which let’s us park the car in a lot and then we take a shuttle to the airport. For example we have used an airport service called Jiffy where we bought tickets online to park our car then took the shuttle to the airport. That way we know that our car is taken care of and that we only have to worry about getting to our flight.

There are also plenty of buses and train routes that can take you to an airport. You can always call a taxi or use an Uber type service to drop you off! If all else fails try bumping a ride off of your friends or parents!



So you got on your plane and arrived at the airport, there are a bunch of signs and some aren’t even in a language you speak. Now what? Even if the signs might be impossible to read there should be pictures and arrows (hopefully) to where you should go. If you feel comfortable enough maybe renting a car is the way to go! When Gretel and I took our trip to Nevada we also wanted to see places in Arizona and Utah, and the only way to get over there would be to drive. We set up a car rental, got the keys, and hit the road!


Taxis can also be a great way to get around a city and usually hang around outside of an airport looking for passengers. After a tiring day it can be nice not to worry about what the driver of the car looks like and how long we should wait.

However, we have gotten in taxis that have included their own tip into the pricing (when locals wouldn’t normally tip) and some have taken us the longer route to go down the road to “avoid traffic”. Don’t let this detour you if taxis are a must, they aren’t evil, just have caution and use your head. The two of us have also used Lyft and Uber and have not had any problems, so check to see if the place you are visiting has these services!



Trains (and subways) can be a great way to get from Point A to Point B depending on where you are. In Cinque Terre trains are the main way to visit the five towns easily. When Kyle went to Italy he stayed in Pisa and used it as a base to explore more of Italy. This was more convenient than any form of travel that was available. Some tickets should be bought online while others should have a ticket counter at a station. While we are visiting Italy lets talk about a fun mode of transportation.



Boats can either be a fun experience or the main way to travel! If you are exploring a series of Islands or if towns line the Mediterranean cliffs it might be a unique way to see the places that some people miss out on.





DSCN1060Buses can be a great mode of transportation if you know how to use them, and some coach buses even have bathrooms! If you are staying in a city and would like to use public transportation check to see if you can grab a bus route map. An easier way is to see if there are any tour buses that let you hop on and off at your liking. When Kyle stayed in Dublin this was how he was able to see most of the sites in two days!

Another good thing about tour buses is that some even leave the city. Going back to Ireland Kyle was not driving but was able to see different towns and sites, hopped on the bus, and went back to Dublin!

Transportation can be tricky at times but do not let it ruin your dream vacation/holiday! We hope that we reassured you that there should be transportation for whatever you would like to do! In some cases walking might be easier if the streets are crowded!

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Buen viaje!


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