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Tel Aviv I Said “Hi”

Religious or not taking a vacation to the Holy Land was one of the coolest places we have ever been. In Tel Aviv, Israel we discovered some very friendly people, awesome places to explore, and delicious food. A beach paradise with a city to explore, what more could you want?


This is where we fell in love with hummus, pita sandwiches, and falafels. If your trip falls on a Saturday it is important to note that the whole country recognizes Shabbat as a holiday! This means that from Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset there are a lot of people taking the day off and spending time with their families in prayer.


We happened to only go on a Saturday for six hours so there were not a lot of shops open, taxis cost more money, the airport was very slow, and the famous marketplace was closed.


HOWEVER! Do not let this stop you from visiting! We were able to see a lot, and yes, we only did it in six hours of free time before we had to fly back to Athens, Greece! We are going to bring you along while we take our day trip through Tel Aviv!



The first thing you will notice is that the sign is written in three different languages; Hebrew, Arabic, and English! All of the street signs were saw were like this as well!

Now Old Jaffa is a place you have to see when you come here because of how unique it is, and it is any fantasy lovers dream! The sandstone looking buildings and tight alleyways make it look like you are in a video game! However, you won’t find any Mages or Rogues here, just friendly people and a lot of tourists!


There are a lot of nooks and crannies for you to take fun photos as well so make sure that you walk around the whole area! There are some signs that ask for you to respect the residents privacy which just meant we weren’t allowed to be at anyone’s doorstep or had to be quiet in some area, but there was enough to see without breaking the rules!



Besides the cool alleyways there was also a giant square where you could walk around and even included a Zodiac fountain and the Wishing bridge that also had Zodiac signs!



Before we headed away from Old Jaffa we had to stop by the Harbor. Now this place was packed! We think there was some sort of celebration going on at the time but all of the restaurants were full and we had to continuously weave around people to walk. The boats were really cool to look at as some of them looked like different styled fishing boats.IMG_9918

When we left Old Jaffa of course we had to stop by the beach! We happened to go on the one that was considered a water sport zone but people were swimming anyways.


Two more places we recommend stopping by is HaTachana, an old train station that was renovated to be a trendy spot for people to hangout! There was a small outdoor market, fancy restaurants, free restroom services, and apparently live performances! We didn’t get a chance to see any when we went but the area was still neat to check out!


Our last stop for you on your six hour journey (hopefully you will have more time than that) is to stop by over to the most packed store you may see in the whole city; Anita. For all of the Anitas that are reading this post we are not calling you a store! Rather we are referring to the richest most delicious ice cream we have ever had.


If you have a sweet-tooth take a stroll over, grab some ice cream, and if you are in the mood to still walk around there are more shops and buildings in this part of the town as well! If you have ever been to Tel Aviv we would love to hear of your adventure as well!

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Shalom/Ma’a salama/Peace!



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