GKexplorers Is Improving!

January 21st, 2018 (Edited January 23, 2018)

Hey explorers!

Here is an update on all of the exciting changes that are happening!

Makeover: We are receiving a lot of positive feedback about the new look of the website! We are continuing to work out some kinks but other than that we are excited to provide you with a more modern look!

Mobile explorers: For those of you that follow us and read our blogs on your phones and have been frustrated, this has not been ignored! We cleaned up our blogs and made them mobile friendly, so there shouldn’t be any partial/unreadable words, weird spacing issues, or thrown phones across the room!

Blog Makeovers: Besides fixing spacing issues we have changed some titles, added some more pictures, and the blogs should overall be an easier reading experience. Check out a blog that looked messy or your favorite blog to see if it got an upgrade!

Social Media: So far, the social media has been a great success! For those on Instagram and Snapchat you will receive in-time photos when we are on all of our future trips! Don’t worry, the next one is only a few weeks away!

We are continuing to evaluate and re-evaluate GKexplorers to give you all the best experience possible! As always, we would not be here without you and thank you for the love and support!

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Buen viaje!


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