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The Dublin Rover

In the land that is grand I did a lot of walking around the city of Dublin, Ireland, between classes and on weekends when I studied abroad. When Gretel and I finally went back to Ireland I had to take her to a few of these places that I am about to show you! The good thing about Dublin is that everything is pretty much within walking distance!


Dublin is known for upbeat music, delicious  beer, and just straight up fun!  I went to a river dance demonstration and actually got called up on stage to participate! Dublin just has that feel good vibe where it is easy to have a good time if you like social settings!

If you do like the quieter side of things however one place that always intrigues me is Christ Church Cathedral.


Although this may look like just another church take a walk around the outside since it is a lot bigger than the picture shows! You can see beautiful architecture, a welcoming courtyard, and the building even arches over the road to the next part of the building.

I never made it inside but for those of you more adventurous there is a crypt underneath the church that holds mummified animals and the first copy of the Magna Carta in Ireland!  The next time I go to Ireland I am definitely going to explore the crypt!

After spending some time in the dark let’s head on over to some green at Trinity College!


Trinity College is right in the smack center of town so you can’t miss it! Trin

Besides being a college for smarties it houses one of Ireland’s, and possibly Europe’s, most fascinating treasures; The Book of Kells. Hidden in the Trinity Library is where the book makes its home.

46507764_10211491784285167_8293242430195499008_nThe Book of Kells is an ornate picture book of the Christian Gospels, and did I also mention that it’s old, like before 1000AD old?! To put it lightly that is one of the world’s oldest picture books that is still around today!

Besides the book of Kells the college also has an interesting history where they did not even allow women to study here.


Thankfully that has long changed since some of the brightest women I know studied abroad there! After exploring I always like to take a walk up Grafton street to grab a bite to eat!


This is pretty much your shopping district! It has tourism shops, nice little restaurants, and close to Trinity was my favorite pub, The Porterhouse Central. They would always have live music, good beer, and awesome food!


Besides the music there were always a lot of people making it easy to find someone to talk with, even if you are by yourself! I have met people from around the world that are visiting Dublin that have found their way over to this pub! It can be nice for a chill night during the week but a lot of fun on the weekends!

However, if you truly want an Irish experience down at the pub then you have to make your way over to Temple Bar!


Temple Bar is not just one bar, but a whole area full of restaurants and pubs! Although Gretel was overwhelmed since the pubs were packed and the beer was pricey we still had an awesome time!

These pubs get filled up so often a bouncer might ask you to wait outside before entering if you do not arrive early enough in the night.

Here there are hundreds of young people filling the pubs and streets, and since it is very crowded if you are able to make it inside of a pub you will most likely be shoulder to shoulder with everyone.


My personal favorite is The Quays Bar on the corner off of Temple Bar road and Fownes Street Lower! Since it is a tourist place the drinks are more expensive (I remember paying €8 for a pint of beer) but there is also a lot of energy there. For extroverts, this is your kind of place, for introverts I say give it a go for one night but it may not be your cup of tea.

For bonus points in pubs throw out a Sláinte (Sa-lawn-cha) after you receive the drink or a Cheers, they will be impressed, and even more so if you say it right. Since you will be at Temple Bar, make sure to stop by Ha’penny Bridge as well to see this famous Irish landmark!


For those of you who like historical structures you have come to the right place, and it won’t even cost you a ha’penny to cross! This is the Ha’Penny bridge opened in 1816 and was free to cross for some time until pedestrians had to pay a ha’penny (a coin with the value of a 1/2 of a penny) to cross the River Liffey!

It was a neat little white painted bridge but became all the more interesting when knowing the history behind it! I for one can’t imagine carrying around a coin with that small of a value.


There is a little something for everyone in Dublin, especially a pub for everyone! We enjoy the laid back pubs with a pint of beer, but some nights you just need to sing, dance and get silly!

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5 thoughts on “The Dublin Rover”

      1. Thank you so much for the kind words! It’s very much appreciated! I lived in Leeds and London when I was a student quite a few years ago but I haven’t been to any places in Ireland. I’d love to. Dublin is well-known for its beautiful nature and rich history and not least, the folk music and Guinness. Again, thank you for the lovely comment!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey Isabelle!

        There is a lot to Ireland than meets the eye! Try to do the Hop on-
        Hop-off bus, it is much easier in my opinion to see the Guinness factory that way as well as many other sights without having to worry a lot about transportation! https://citysightseeingdublin.ie/hop-on-hop-off/

        Also try to go to some pubs that are playing Irish music live with dinner packages, or River dancing. These can be fun places to grab something to eat as well as enjoy an interactive scene! I was asked to join in a river dance on stage, and for some Irish music you have to clap at certain parts of the song, it can be a lot of fun! For the nature, it might be easier to go on tours if you are staying in Dublin, they can be a good place to get the bus and travel all around the country!

        Your friends at GKexplorers,

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi my friends at GKexploreres!

        Thank you so much for the great advice! Very practical and useful! I’ll keep it in mind. There’s a popular pub in Oslo called The Dubliner. I guess you can find the Dubliner in many places around the world. The one situated in the city centre is very nice, cosy homely atmosphere with a fireplace in the corner, and band performance on certain days during the week. Irish speaking bartenders and of course, Guinness on offer at any time. Again, thank you for taking time to give me such nice advice! Very much appreciated ! Isabelle

        Liked by 1 person

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