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Arklow, Ireland; Street Art

While roaming around Ireland I came across a town by the name of Arklow where I decided to have a look around. After my curiosity was claimed by the town it was started anew when I decided to take a walk on the Kynoch Heritage trail, coming up to a blacktop and a building that held many colors.

Upon further inspection this building was COVERED in artwork from local artists, whether they were allow to or not. In the post I wanted to share with you what I found, especially since most were creative and thought provoking. Enjoy!




“A hero can be anyone, even a man [or woman] doing something as simple as opening [their] eyes to their imagination”

“You cannot cross the ocean just by staring at the sea.”

I hope you enjoyed!

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All of these pictures were taken in a public area and GKexplorers does not claim any of the artwork. The artwork is either signed or anonymous.

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