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A Colonial Christmas

Although I forgot my powdered wig and my three-pointed hat I still made my way over to Williamsburg, Virginia! Gretel was invited on the adventure but unfortunately she could not take off from work. I went with my mother and younger brother and have been here a few years ago but never when the temperature was under 70F/21C.

We set off for three places around Williamsburg that I would like to share with all of you in case you were thinking about going around Christmas time! Our first adventure starts at Busch Gardens!

If you aren’t familiar with Busch Gardens there are 9 different areas to explore around the park. These areas are England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, New France (Canada), and two that seasonally change.

We went when it was dark outside and freezing but it was a cool (pun intended) experience to see all of the lights guiding our way across Europe (and Canada).

When entering  a new area there were Christmas songs associated with each place, and some were even in a different language!


What I also enjoyed was seeing how each place celebrates Christmas and how the stores sold Christmas items for those areas!

I traveled to all of these places so it was fun seeing how Busch Gardens designed buildings, shops, and restaurants in their own interpretation.

However, I believe they could have built up Scotland a little more with there only being a shop, train station, and a stables with live horses.

I visited Edinburgh, Scotland, and the city was beautiful, but I guess they would have to make it look like Scotland without looking like Harry Potter World.

The next day within Williamsburg we visited another place that was its own world, the Yankee Candle store!

IMG_20171228_110058 (1)

Now before we continue let’s get all of the jokes out of the way: “A Yankee going into a Yankee Candle store?” “Why did the Yankee cross the road?” “How many Yankees does it take to buy a candle?” Hilarious.

IMG_20171228_111410 (1)

Anyways, I didn’t foresee this store making this post until I walked inside. I expected to see a warehouse stacked with candles but instead I saw a street with multiple shops inside of the larger building. 

IMG_20171228_110205 (1)

Look at the “sky” closely if you don’t believe that this was all inside the store! I typically don’t have an interest in candles but walking around I almost felt like I was in a small town’s plaza. 

I ended up not buying a single candle while on the other hand my mother had a field day. After spending time in other countries and a candle shop it’s time to see Colonial Williamsburg!


There are actually two parts to the historic downtown, one that has been preserved to look as if Williamsburg never entered the Industrial Revolution, while the other side flaunts modernity.

In the time period that looks more familiar to us you can find little souvenir stores, candy shops, and the William & Mary college bookstore (an undercover Barnes & Noble).

After buying books I could have gotten anywhere and my girlfriend a cute stuffed animal dog named Liberty, we walked down to the historic area.

IMG_20171228_154351 (1)

There you can find horses & carriages, small artisan shops where they can show you how craft items were made, and have tours all around the town.

That being said about the horses Be careful where you step! They often use the bathroom while on the go, leaving trails in the middle of the road.

Some areas and tours you may need a ticket so be sure to pick one up at the Visitor Center! There are buses that run from the visitor center so it should be an easy trip!

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Buen viaje!


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