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May I Cape May

When I think of old school boardwalks, a warm breeze on a sunny day, or a flock of a thousand seagulls, Cape May, New Jersey always comes to mind. Besides enjoying the huge beach there is actually a lot to do if you know where to look! Gretel and I have come up with a scavenger hunt of secret locations where we challenge you to go out and find them! Some of these locations may take a bit of walking to see but are well worth it!



Do you see that thing jutting from the ocean in the photo above? What if I told you that it was not part of the rock harbor but was in fact a sunken ship? That’s right! On Sunset Beach in Cape May there is a sunken concrete WWI ship! We always try to hit up this spot to check out the ship over the years to watch the deterioration or even to catch the sunset! If you would like to know more information on the S.S Atlantis click here!

At Sunset beach there is also another treasure that is not as easy to find. These would be the Cape May diamonds, but as it turns out that they are actually quartz and not diamonds at all! These are scattered all throughout the beach but if you do not have any luck fear not for they sell them in the souvenir shop! To stop by the Sunset Beach website click here!

The area is pretty small as there is a parking lot with a few stores but the beach itself it tucked away on a back road. If you can find Sunset beach we would suggest looking at the ship before hitting up the shops!



These may be a bit more easier to find as one in located near an entrance to the main beach, but have you seen both the Cape May lifeboat or the Came May buoy? These are some cool photo opportunities and you get bonus points if you are sporting a Cape May sweatshirt! Kyle had one once but it shrunk in the wash, or so he says…

Anyways while you are looking for these make sure to hit up the arcades for a quick pinball or skeeball game! We are occasionally good at the crane games but as temping as the prizes are we try to avoid them as they can eat up your coins fast!



Although Cape May does not have many stores along the beach (but rather across the road) there is another area where you can do some shopping, if you can find it! Parking can be a hassle in Cape May, so our standard practice is to find a spot that is most likely metered and feed it depending on how long we are staying.

If you find a parking spot at the mall then you are the chosen one and should possibly look for some Cape May diamonds! Now that you are here it is time to do some shopping, and we normally hate shopping! There are some cool staple stores they we stop by, and of course one includes getting some soft serve ice cream!


One place Kyle loves is the Fudge Kitchen, and for great reason! Now I know, I know, you hate fudge because it is chalky, dry, and just plain gross. Well, fortunately for you the Fudge Kitchen is none of those things!

This fudge is creamy and if you ever want to get on Kyle’s good side his favorite is the vanilla marshmallow fudge, like he literally has eaten a whole pound of it in a day. It’s both impressive and sickening, but nothing less than delicious!

If you buy a certain amount you also can get a case of free salt water taffy, and with every purchase you get a $1 off coupon for when you return!

Another place we like to stop is the Cape Atlantic Book Co which is actually inside a bigger building on the second floor. If you need a summer read during you stay or day trip make sure to stop by! Click here to see all of the stores that Cape May has to offer!



So far we have shown you two boats and ice cream, and you are ready for another mind-blowing site. Off somewhere on the beach is a bunker from WWII that kept an eye for U-Boats near the Atlantic. From the popular side of the beach you may not even be able to see the bunker, but a long walk on a beach could have you stumbling on this beauty.


In our #5 we will tell you how to get to this location a lot faster! Walking around this structure gives off forgotten energy of a time long pasted.

There are no openings from what we could tell but we don’t recommend that you try! It is just as cool to view it from the outside and take a lot around.

Not a lot of people actually know about this site but we wanted to share this secret with you for you to discover for yourself!

Luckily our next item for you to find is right around the corner and this is an item you may actually have seen before or have visited.



This photo was taken right near the bunker, if that gives you a good distance! We walked to the lighthouse to check it out, but since we are cheap we didn’t want to go inside. However! There are some cool free things to do, as long as you follow the rules, unlike Kyle.


On the other side where we were standing there is a water fountain (which saved our lives from our long walk) and free to use bathrooms. Of course there is a parking lot as well for those drivers out there!

What we like to do here is that there is actually a small museum that displays facts on local wildlife and some awesome photos of how they actually restored the beach. This involved tons of sand to push back the ever hungry tide. Besides the museum if you are a hiker there is a pretty neat walking path that goes near some ponds and through some wildlife!

That’s our list of secret locations and hidden items! Have you been to Cape May and might have missed a few of these secret locations? Let us know in the comments below!

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Buen viaje!


The photos of the Cape May boat, S.S. Atlantis, and of Kyle “swimming” have been provided by Kyle’s mother Julie Dixon with permission to use for the sole purpose of this post, and have been found publicly on her Facebook. For more of her photography please email her at Thanks Julie!

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