New Jersey, The States

Cape May Sunshine

When I think of old boardwalks, a warm breeze on a sunny day, and a flock of a thousand seagulls, Cape May, New Jersey, always comes to mind. Besides enjoying the huge beach there is actually a lot to do if you know where to look!

Every time I return I love seeing these sites again and again, and there is nothing like showing another person something close to your heart. I have come here ever since I was a baby and exploring it as an adult is just as fun! I still remember Gretel’s face the first time I took her to Sunset Beach.


Well, maybe not this face, but we had a fun time waiting for the sun to set by making silly faces and pondering out into the distance.

What’s cool about this beach besides the sunsets? The sunken ship, the  S.S. Atlantis!!


On Sunset Beach in Cape May there is a sunken concrete WWI ship! I don’t understand how a ship made out of concrete floats but sure why not!

We always try to hit up this spot to check out the ship to see how it has deteriorated. All around Cape May you can find photos of the ship throughout the years, it’s pretty interesting!


At Sunset beach there is also another treasure that is not as easy to find. These would be the Cape May diamonds, which is really quartz but shhh it’ll be our secret. These are scattered all throughout the beach but if you do not have any luck fear not for they sell them in the souvenir shop!


After or before the sunset at Sunset Beach it’s always nice to walk along the boardwalk on the main beach! Although there isn’t much to do at night in Cape May we have a favorite arcade for some quick skeeball! If we are looking for dinner or shopping, we know to head straight towards Washington Square Mall!


Parking can be a hassle in Cape May, so our standard practice is to find a spot that is most likely metered but a bit farther down. You can easily drive back and forth for 30 minutes looking! We would rather walk and enjoy the sun!


If you find a parking spot at the mall then you are the chosen one and should possibly look for some Cape May diamonds! Now that you are here it is time to do some shopping, and we normally hate shopping! There are some cool staple stores they we stop by, and of course one includes getting some soft serve ice cream!


One place Kyle loves is the Fudge Kitchen, and for great reason! I know, I know, you hate fudge because it is chalky, dry, and just plain gross. Well, fortunately for you the Fudge Kitchen is none of those things!

This fudge is creamy and if you ever want to get on Kyle’s good side his favorite is the vanilla marshmallow fudge, like he has literally eaten a whole pound of it in a day. It’s both impressive and sickening, but nothing less than delicious!

If you buy a certain amount you also can get a case of free salt water taffy, and with every purchase you get a $1 off coupon for when you return!

Another place we like to stop is the Cape Atlantic Book Co which is actually inside a bigger building on the second floor. If you need a summer read during you stay make sure to stop by!

Heading back to the back after ice cream and a good read, one of the coolest things has to be the WWII bunker right on the beach!


Not a lot of people actually know about this site but we wanted to share this secret with you for you to discover for yourself!


Although it no longer keeps an eye out for U-Boats near the Atlantic this quiet giant sleeps peacefully near the lighthouse!


This photo was taken right near the bunker, if that gives you a good distance! We walked to the lighthouse to check it out, but since we are cheap we didn’t want to go inside. There are some cool free things to do, as long as you follow the rules, unlike Kyle.


Besides a lifesaving water fountain and free bathrooms, there is a museum that displays facts on local wildlife and some awesome photos of how they actually restored the beach. This involved tons of sand to push back the ever hungry tide. Besides the museum if you are a hiker there is a pretty neat walking path that goes near some ponds and through some nature!

Although Cape May is quiet there is a lot of fun to be found on and off the beach, and the town seems to have a bit for everyone!

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Buen viaje!


The photos of the Cape May boat, S.S. Atlantis, and of Kyle “swimming” have been provided by Kyle’s mother Julie Dixon with permission to use for the sole purpose of this post, and have been found publicly on her Facebook. For more of her photography please email her at Thanks Julie!

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