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Καλημέρα Acropolis!

Don’t worry, it’s all Greek to me as well, but if you would like to pronounce how to say good morning try saying Kalimera, (Ka-lee-ME-ra)! Learning a few Greek words can change your experience in a Athens, Greece, for the best!


When we said hello, good morning, and especially thank you, we saw heads turn towards us with beaming smiles and looks of appreciation. This is definitely a place where your extra effort to learn some of the language will be appreciated.


We spent about 3-4 days in Athens and the first thing we had to do was see the Acropolis! Both of us now feel like we “completed” Athens, however, we would LOVE to go back to Greece!


When going to a new place we usually like to know the lay of the land before spending time shopping or going to museums, which is why we always try to grab a map as soon as we can. A physical copy usually shows where all of the tourist items are and makes it easier than figuring it out on a phone.


There are a few ruins scattered throughout the city and to fully explore them it may cost a few Euro. Although we missed out on the historical background they were still really cool to see! In America our “ruins” consist of stone farm buildings a few hundred years old if that, so seeing something easily 5 times as old is fascinating!


Now the Acropolis is the rock where the Parthenon sits and as well as many other cool sites. It’s actually a whole park full of history to discover! Before entering the Acropolis you have to stop by Aeropagous Hill to grab some awesome selfies!


Now that you made everyone on social media wishing they were you, it’s time to see one of the most famous sites in history. Before even seeing the Parthenon you must walk through the Propylaea, the entrance to the top of the Acropolis. Even walking through the entrance we felt that it would have been fit for the gods.


The structure welcomes you and going through it makes you feel like an honored guest, even if we were a few thousand years late!


Once we saw the Parthenon we ran up to it right away. The columns, the detail, the historic significance, the…construction? Turns out, there was a lot of it.


But hey if it keeps this awesome building from collapsing then we are all for it!


Once the construction is done and I am alive to see it I would have to problem going back to visit!


All around there were a lot of the pillars and stone slabs all around, some even had designs on them!


There was a lot of small holes in the ground so we had to watch where we were walking. It rained the previous week and there was puddles everywhere that we had to avoid.


We decided to walk around some more to explore the other buildings!


The other main structure on the Acropolis was the Erechtheion! Although it was much smaller than the Parthenon and a bit different, it was still pretty cool!


This structure actually has six pillars shaped like women called Caryatids but missed our opportunity the grab a picture of them!


We went in November during the off season and it was pretty crowded so we couldn’t even imagine what it was like during peak season. After taking all of our pictures we were ready to leave the hill top, but not leave the park.

The next stop was to see the theaters!


This was the larger one that is still used to this day for concerts!


The next theater was a lot smaller and was just as cool it its own way. How many people have sat here over hundreds of years, some even seeing a show? I am pointing to a chair that sits right in the center that looks like it may have held a noble or someone of importance.


After an awesome day of exploring it was time to get some grub. Thankfully we found a place on the way back to hotel and sat down to eat some delicious gyros at the Pita Bar.


Yes it is the Greek equivalent of fast food but they were delicious!! Everything we ate in Greece felt healthy and was tasty. Off to our next adventure!

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Buen viaje!


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