Pennsylvania, The States

Jim Thorpe, A Town In The Mountains

He was not just a person, in fact there is a whole town named after him in Pennsylvania! When a lot of people say they cannot travel money is a big factor, however, there are many cool small towns that are around that may even be an hour drive away!

Jim Thorpe is one of those towns, and we have come up with a list for you to locate when you go visit! We challenge you to find all of these secret locations and comment below if you have found them! For each number we have left little hints for you to be able to discover these areas for yourself!

TIP: Parking can be a bit of a hassle here as it is a popular small town. There is a parking lot near the train station but make sure that you bring cash with you in order to enter!



If you like local legends and spooky tales then this is the place for you! Something creepy in a beautiful town like this? You better believe it! Somewhere in The Old Jail there is a hand print left by a man who was set to be hanged. Although the hand has been scrubbed and repainted over, it is said to keep reappearing in the cell.

CAUTION: Please do not take a picture of the hand, especially with flash! During the tour they will tell you this (the photo above does not include the hand).

Here’s a hint: To find the building of the Old Jail you may have to leave the town center, but as long as you are keeping your chin up on the main street you will find it!




This one can be a bit tricky to find as it is hidden away off on a side street and covered by flora. This sight is not accessible to the public but was stumbled upon as we were exploring. This one is not as easy to get to as the Old Jail either, the tower can be found be heading up a back road and looking in the woods. It looks as if it was once a house that possibly burnt down or fell apart, or maybe a wizard attempted to set up shop there.

CAUTION: There are no sidewalks up this back road and cars are constantly on it, so please be careful!

To find #2 on our list you may have to first look for where performers spend their evenings, but possibly find the backstage the is near the Hill.


Under Jim Thorpe there is a stream of rushing water that can be found, seen, and heard through grates in the town. To find a good spot here is a riddle: This area isn’t ours, but it could be Naturally Yours. Although it is not a tourist destination, as well as the tower, it is a fun Easter egg to stumble upon!



Off of the main street there is another shopping area that has some neat little stores where you can look at the beautiful buildings, sneak a few views into town center from your viewpoint, and possibly find a gift or two in one of the stores! Thankfully there is sidewalks on this street so there is not as much worry about looking out for cars!


431244_496047403741366_233969963_n This place may have you do some exploring to find. Once you have explored all of the town grab you car for our next secret location. Head across the bridge and search for hiking trails, one of the first near the town you will discover what appears to be a cave entrance. However, once you walk up and go inside you will then realize that there is an opening on the other side!

CAUTION: It might be good idea to use a flashlight and/or be very careful walking to the other end. There are discarded railroad tracks and beams that you could easily trip on!

The other side of the tunnel rewards you with a scenic view of the Lehigh River! If you have not found the tunnel entrance within 3 minutes of parking you have gone too far!


Have you found all of our secret locations? Have you been to Jim Thorpe and might have missed one? Comment below and let us know!

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Buen viaje!


All of the photos (except the Hidden Tower) have been provided by Kyle’s mother Julie Dixon with permission to use for the sole purpose of this post, and have been found publicly on her Facebook. For more of her photography please email her at Thanks Julie!


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